Men’s Soccer Booster Club History

Factoids about the Men’s Soccer Program:

« Club records date to 1980. There were two seasons, fall and spring, and eventually two teams that were scheduled to play each other.

« Home games were played at Northview Middle School. Practices were three

times a week and Sundays at 1010 W. 64th Street.

« Several players had standing excused practices for Dynamo FC Travel Club or other sports practices. Two mothers were assigned for the boys to call if they were going to miss practice. If a player did not show up for three games, they were off the team.

« Eventually, in 1982, the Club President, Connie Kidd, issued a policy on absences. It stipulated legitimate excuses for absences as illness, death in the family, or job conflict.

« Parents built and repaired goals and provided transportation to the games. Players were to meet at a phone booth near North Central to see who needed a ride. Fathers volunteered as linesmen.

Players paid $10 for the team shirt.

« The original Secret Pals were cheerleader “soccerettes ̈.

« The first post-season banquets were held at Ralf’s Deli on N. Meridian Street. Patches were made with Ralf’s logo for team members to wear on their jerseys.

« Schedules were typed on a folded 8×10 sheet. Sponsors were Ralf’s Deli, Giganti Sales, and Merchantile Bank.

« At the beginning of the 1980 fall season, club coffers held $1.38. The balance at the end of the season was $85.62. Season expenditures were projected to be $300. By the beginning of the fall

1983 season, the club had a cash balance of $1018. Income (largely due to candy sales and newly raised players fees) and expenses were about $3200 each.

« John Katsaropolous was the Head Coach in1980, 1981 and 1982. George McClean was the 1983 coach. Jerry Little assumed the Head Coach position in 1984.

« In February 1983, Jerry Little entered the North Central Team in the first Manchester College Invitational Tournament (indoor). They won this several winters in a row. Teams included the Fort Wayne schools, East Chicago and Carmel.

« In 1983, a season pass was issued to each parent for a free admission to the games.

« In August 1983, the soccer club initiated a 2.0 G.P.A. requirement to take effect at the end of the first 6 week grading period.

« After the 1983 State Finals, the club received a congratulatory letter from the high school

principal with a bill for the transportation by bus of the players to their state finals game.

« For several years, Connie Kidd and others lobbied relentlessly for varsity status. On March 19, 1984, Washington Township School Board voted to elevate soccer to varsity status. Eight area high schools had already done so. When it was granted in 1984, the club was required to provide $2000

per year for two years to the support of the team.

« 1985 was the first year for the Alumni Game and Picnic. Varsity played alumni through 1993.

Varsity never won.

« Picture Books with senior posters were begun in 1987 by Rebecca McBride (a student and sister of a team member). Original photo books were hand lettered folders with 8 or so pictures.

« In 1994, IHSAA recognizes soccer. North Central was the first IHSAA State Champs.

Past Presidents of the Booster Club:

1980: Larry Conrad

1981: Larry Conrad

1982: Connie Kidd

1983: Connie Kidd

1984: Marcia McCarthy

1985: Judy Libby

1986: Judy Libby

1987: Louise Epstein

1988: Diane McBride

1989: Linda Johnston

1990: Susie Tittle

1991: Anna McCann & Evvy Moss

1992: Anna McCann

1993: Ann Warden

1994: Tahia Miller

1995: Bobbie Frazier & Pam Weaver

1996: Gary & Judy Kaufman

1997: Marcia Northcutt & Sally Renfro

1998: Lori Mills & Weezy Smith

1999: Elizabeth Malone & Ruth Mills

2000: Barbara Gurwitz & Marilyn Stevning

2001: Lynn Aurelius & Kathy Munroe

2002: Debbie Pflederer & Martha Whiteman

2003: Rick Gilbert

2004: Liz Markey & Ruth Mills

2005: Lori Miser & Jenni Mohr

2006: Katrina Gaddis & Julie Powers

2007: Stephanie Fundenberger & Linda Wilkins

2008: Lucy Lane & Steve Miner

2009: Gartha Ingram and Bart Weidman

2010: Rich Grove

2011: Rich Grove

2012: Rich Grove

2013: Dave Hensel and Andrew Morris

2014: Doug Bye and Jeff Linkon

2015: Tony Dzwonar and David Matters

2016: Jim Smith and Paul Behringer

2017: Jim Smith and T. Ray Phillips

2018: Derek Price and Randy Biederstedt

2019: Randy Biederstedt and Sharlee Little

2020: Randy Biederstedt and Maura Mackey